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Hair Cuts

All cuts include a stress relieving massage, shampoo , conditioner and blow dry.

Woman's style cut                       $78
Men's style cut                             $44
Clipper cut                                     $24
Students (Male)                           From $32 - $38
Students (Female)                       From $55 - $65
Children                                          From $32

Hair Styling

Short - Jaw                                      $45               
Medium - Shoulder                      $55
Long - Below Shoulder                $60

Hair Styling Options

Add any of the following to a cut or styling appointment.

Steam Pod (Treatment with a steam iron)                      $22  
Post colour blow-dry                                                            $45
Formal or Up Styling                                                             From $87
Cloud Nine Curl                                                                     Set from $65

Hair Rituals

Relax and unwind with a hot towel treatment and indulgent scalp massage with every hair ritual.

Basic ritual                                    $20
Intense ritual                                $25
Mythic oil ritual                            $35
Steam pod                                     $22

Hair Foiling

Our classic foiling technique will refresh your colour with enchanting highlights. (Does not include toner)

Fashion Foiling                             $90
1/2 Head Foiling                           $115
3/4 Head Foiling                           $140
Full Head Foiling                           $160

Hair Colour

Permanent/Tone-on-Tone Retouch                                  from $85
Permanent/Tone-on-Tone Global                                     from $85
Inoa                                                                                          from $85
Global lightening                                                                  $110 - does not include toner
High lift                                                                                    from $85  
Toner with colour service                                                    from $27     
Mens camo                                                                             from $50


For beautifully blended freehand colour technique.


Colour Correction

This is a customised professional colour technique which is tailored to suit your needs.

From $55 (depending on sachets used)


Our retexturising systems can transform your hair into glossy straight or defined curls or the perfect blow-dry finish.

Perming                                          From $115
Chemical Straightening             $110 per hour


There is a 10% discount on the service menu though it is not valid with any other promotion within Savvy Hair Artistry.

The discount can not be used after 4pm Tuesday and Thursday nights and all day Saturday.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you kindly provide us with a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations of any appointment. Though Savvy Hair Artistry does understand circumstances can change it may result in a $50 charge to your next appointment.

Salon Policies

  • Cheques, Diners Club and American Express are not accepted.
  • Please ask for a quote on a service prior to commencing your appointment.
  • Our tiered price structure reflects the education and training level of the stylist.
  • Every attempt is taken to look after garments. Savvy Hair Artistry does not accept any responsibility for damage of the garments during the service within the salon.

Please Note

The price structure may vary with stylists.  All prices effective from July 01, 2015.  All prices include GST.